Rained pink iris, unique iris

Photo of the Week: Reincarnated Smiles


Ostentatious smiles, innocent smiles, all smiles have returned in their same seductive splendor.

Peonies, irises, roses, snapdragons have re-emerged from their prolonged hibernation.

Now their legs and arms are stretched to the fullest. Their blushed faces are on display once again in smiles: in red and blue merged into violet, in red and white joined in orange, and in red and silver united in pink; some open and some shy.

Bushes like snowballs are expressive, and Weigela shrubs in ‘Rumba’, ‘Red Horse’, and ‘Tango’ have also burst their blossoms into countless tender smiles.

Spring is reincarnated in full swing. These flowerets must have done good things in their previous lives. Let us all do a good thing and enjoy the moment of smiles through brighter lenses.

Rained pink iris, unique iris


unique peony, coral color peony












Did these smiles uplift your day?



  1. What a beautiful post and reflective sentiment Jolma. The photos are positively sensational, including the photo of the week, excellent!

    • Thank you, Peggy. Flowers bring me positive energy and brighten my day. I just love the beautify of nature.

  2. Love the thought “reincarnated smiles” – our peonies are like those in your first photo, “Sarah Bernhardt” I think is the name of that variety. Yes, we wait eagerly each spring as the buds form and then burst like an open laugh. I will think of “reincarnated smiles” now each time. Thank you!

    • “Sarah Bernhardt” What a lovely name! I didn’t know it’s the name of a French actress. Love when these flowers burst like a big “open laugh”. I’m glad you like my “reincarnated smiles”. Thank you for riding along with me, Kate.

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